Rustie | Deaf Institute | Monday 16 March


First emerging from the ever-thriving Glasgow scene back in 2007 in a time when MySpace was still the primary way through which people discovered music, Russell Whyte – better known by the name Rustie – has long been one of the most innovative and exciting producers anywhere in the world. Releasing a steady selection of 12″ cuts that invariably sold out, Rustie has took his time to build towards his debut LP – with two years of steady work in the studio culminating in Glass Swords. Put out through Warp back in 2011, it was described as “a vivid, liberating experience” by NOW Magazine (who also awarded it a perfect score) and “just the right amount of restraint to prevent total disarray” by the BBC (8/10).

Rustie – Attak ft. Danny Brown on YouTube

A Pitchfork feature on Whyte illustrated Rustie’s sound as “like a metaphor for living in intense digital excess”, and that certainly seems to be something which attracts some of the biggest and best names around - Jamie Lidell, Kelis, The Big Pink and Nicki Minaj count among his past collaborators. In 2014, Rustie followed up his debut with Green Language, an album that builds upon his innovative style and notably eclectic influences (everything from 2000′s R&B through to bass music, grime and 80′s pop tinge his work). Pretty Much Amazing (“we witness risks… [it's a] bet [that] pays out exponentially”, 8.3/10), The Guardian (“Rustie’s sitting in a space that’s all his own”, 8/10) and Spin (“Green Language fully delivers, serving as a fascinating turn for an artist who earned his reputation by essentially bashing fans into submission”, 8/10) were among the many critics who vaunted his latest efforts.

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Lydia Ainsworth | Gullivers | Thursday 19 February


Starting out by writing music as a way to pass the time between making music for various film and multimedia projects, Lydia Ainsworth started to secretly create tracks for herself around 3 years ago. Moving between bedrooms and basements in Toronto and Brooklyn, Ainsworth put together a uniquely arresting collection of tracks that found the attention of Arbutus Records (Grimes, BRAIDS, TOPS, Majical Cloudz). Blurring the lines between indie, pop, movie scores and experimental music, Ainsworth put her debut album out on the imprint in 2014.

Lydia Ainsworth – Malachite on YouTube

Right from Real was met with universal critical acclaim upon release, with Stereogum naming it as their album of the week and Consequence of Sound (8/10), All Music (8/10) and Exclaim (8/10) being among the many to laud its singular excellence. Pitchfork perhaps caught the essence of the LP best in their review (7.9/10) when they described it as “[existing] in a dusky, cobalt-hued twilight, after the real world has drawn its curtains closed and before the mystical realm starts to come alive. The music illustrates those enchanted hours in detail with soft-sweeping strings, modest electronic tinkering, pointed spates of percussion, and Ainsworth’s confident, versatile self-harmonizing.”

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Bernard + Edith | Eagle Inn | Wednesday 3 December


Bernard + Edith have been pushing the boundaries of sound in Manchester for the last few years, and continue to astound. Having made several starring appearances at SWAYS records Bunker venue, Don’t Die Wondering noted their love for Bernard + Edith’s “quietly brooding songs + sullen campfire atmospherics”. The duo have recently signed to Bella Union, with the label comparing their latest additions to Fever Ray, Portishead, Cocteau Twins and David Lynch. Their first act for the imprint will be put out WURDS as a 7″, and this show is to celebrate the release

Bernard + Edith – WURDS on YouTube

Writing after their signing to Bella Union, M O N E Y singer and friend of the band Jamie Lee said the following of Bernard + Edith

Edith’s singing style reminds me of the kind of emancipatory freedom of the modern American school of writing. Her melodies are uninhibited by traditional rules of structure – she moves where and when she feels the impulse to; and knowing the woman behind the voice I see that the impulse in her can be as chaotic as it is beguiling. She is like a bouquet balanced precariously on the edge of a table unsure of whether it will fall and break – hinged between extreme goodness and feeling on the one hand and on the other, chaos and perhaps even madness. Read full piece on the Bella Union website.


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Dutch Uncles | The Ritz | Friday 27 March

Dutch Uncles

Having played together in various different iterations during college, Dutch Uncles got together in their current form in around 2008, quickly earning the attention of German label Tapete. Following the release of their eponymous debut LP through the imprint, the 5 piece have since teamed up with Memphis Industries and gone about earning a name for themselves as one of the most interesting, innovative and esoteric acts around. Known for their willingness to use atypical time signatures and experimental song structure, their idiosyncratic art pop has earned them enormous critical acclaim through their albums Cadenza and Out Of Touch In The Wild.

Dutch Uncles – In N Out on Soundcloud

In 2015, Dutch Uncles will return with their 4th album, O Shudder. Recorded in both Wales and Salford with long-time collaborator Brendan Williams and featuring a cameo from Stealing Sheep, singer Duncan Wallis has described the record as exploring the themes of and reflecting upon “terrorism, school discos, divorce, health scares, sexual dysfunction and jobseeking”. In fitting with their new expansive approach, this show will be the band’s largest ever headline show.

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Flying Lotus | Albert Hall | Saturday 18 April


The working name of Steven Ellison, Flying Lotus is a project that has spent the best part of the last 10 years being quietly prolific and wildly brilliant. Releasing his first LP 1983 back in 2006, Fly Lo has since put out further seminal works Los AngelesCosmogramma and Until The Quiet Comes, as well as finding time to put out an album under his rap alter-ego Captain Murphy. Each release has further enhanced the view of Ellison as a singular, visionary artist, constant pushing and redefining his own boundaries – something cemented even further with the release of his 5th Fly Lo record earlier this year, You’re Dead.

Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar on YouTube

Featuring collaborations with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and Herbie Hancock, the album has been his most critical and commercially successful to date. The Guardian awarded the LP a perfect score – a rarity for the newspaper – and noted that “as each song merges into the next, as one style succeeds another, the sensation is that of being in a dream”. Drowned in Sound agreed, stating “Flying Lotus has added a new realm to his universe, answering one of life’s biggest questions in the process” and giving You’re Dead 9/10 in the process – something that has been backed up by the likes of The Observer (10/10), Pitchfork (8.3/10) and Best Fit (8.5/10) among many others.

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