Preview: Dirty Projectors, Gorilla

Next Sunday sees one of the most exciting events of Now Wave’s Autumn/Winter season, as Dirty Projectors return to Manchester to headline new venue Gorilla. The Brooklyn band have released one of our favourite albums of the year in ‘Swing Lo Magellan’ and we’re thrilled to be bringing them to the best new venue in Manchester, where Everything Everything and Delphic will also be playing their return shows later this season.

The album was celebrated on its release for its inventive songwriting and barely human feats of vocal ability and six months later remains one of 2012’s shining stars. That said, with ‘Rise Above’ and ‘Bitte Orca’ in recent memory, we shouldn’t have been surprised in the slightest.

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Preview: Peace, Soup Kitchen

Let’s rewind to the first time we heard of a band called Peace. The first track to emerge online was ‘BBlood’, sounding as if members of Foals and Wu Lyf’s frontman Ellery Roberts decided to spontaneously collaborate and create some afro-pop. The ‘spitting blood’ references were a bit too much and I feared they were just going to be one of many bands riding on the aftermath of the Wu Lyf apocalypse.

However my preconceptions were wrong, and the next I heard from the band was the rather more polished and beautiful video for their song ‘Follow Baby’. It was one of those ‘oh man these guys are going to be huge with the right backing’ moments. The combination of the song and video is almost overpowering… they’re just so damn cool. But even without the leather jackets and youthful passion portrayed in the video, the song says just as much with screaming guitars and jungle beats pulled together by a confident and coherent vocal by frontman Harry Koisser.

[spotify track=”spotify:album:7p6nJeBpo08XWbIWa8jzkl”]

News soon spread that the band had signed to Columbia Records, and it felt like a huge rags to riches success story. Peace started putting together demos last year with vocals recorded in their bathroom (nothing better than natural reverb…) and now they’re one of the hottest indie bands to emerge this year. The progression towards their most recent track California Daze is pretty incredible. A sugary indie rock ballad complete with vocal harmonies, this song could easily sit next to more laid back recent material from bands such as Howler and The Vaccines. We certainly didn’t see that coming.

Words: Alice Simkins

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Preview: PINS, Soup Kitchen

There’s no doubt that PINS have been causing a stir around Manchester at the moment. After a heated bidding war from numerous labels, our favourite Mancunian psych-spook-rock band have announced the release of their debut EP LUVU4LYF through established indie label Bella Union. Having released acclaimed material by bands such as Beach House, Wild Nothing and Veronica Falls, I’m finding it hard to think of a better label for PINS to work with.

So what do they actually sound like? I’m assuming you’ve heard their debut single Eleventh Hour, a shimmering concoction of echoing vocals, hypnotic guitars and shoegaze drones. Self-released on a limited edition run of 500 gold cassettes, these coveted items managed to sell out in a matter of hours. Although I’m trying to avoid girl band comparisons, PINS sound like a more driven and punky version of Vivian Girls or Warpaint. They could very well be on track to stunning the music press with their debut EP, but in the meantime we’ll have to sit tight and wait.

[spotify track=”spotify:album:30FLkvEkh33nFtN3wy3WXr”]

After managing to catch the band live six times previously, I can safely say that from seeing one of their earliest shows to their more recent ventures such as supporting Best Coast at the Ritz, the band have gone from strength to strength. They have managed to improve an already outstanding stage presence, and to coincide with the release of their LUVU4LYF EP, the band are stopping off to play shows all around the country on their debut headline tour. It would only make sense to catch them at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen 13 October to hear them play back on home turf, with support from September Girls.

Words: Alice Simkins

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