Bernard + Edith | Eagle Inn | Wednesday 3 December


Bernard + Edith have been pushing the boundaries of sound in Manchester for the last few years, and continue to astound. Having made several starring appearances at SWAYS records Bunker venue, Don’t Die Wondering noted their love for Bernard + Edith’s “quietly brooding songs + sullen campfire atmospherics”. The duo have recently signed to Bella Union, with the label comparing their latest additions to Fever Ray, Portishead, Cocteau Twins and David Lynch. Their first act for the imprint will be put out WURDS as a 7″, and this show is to celebrate the release

Bernard + Edith – WURDS on YouTube

Writing after their signing to Bella Union, M O N E Y singer and friend of the band Jamie Lee said the following of Bernard + Edith

Edith’s singing style reminds me of the kind of emancipatory freedom of the modern American school of writing. Her melodies are uninhibited by traditional rules of structure – she moves where and when she feels the impulse to; and knowing the woman behind the voice I see that the impulse in her can be as chaotic as it is beguiling. She is like a bouquet balanced precariously on the edge of a table unsure of whether it will fall and break – hinged between extreme goodness and feeling on the one hand and on the other, chaos and perhaps even madness. Read full piece on the Bella Union website.


Tickets are £5 and are available through See Tickets.