Kurt Vile + Waxahatchee | Ritz | Wednesday 18 November

Now Wave are proud to announce a special double bill containing two of our favourite artists of the last few years. As well as welcoming back Kurt Vile back to Manchester for the first time this year, he will be joined by Waxahatchee at The Ritz on Wednesday 18 November.

Bewitched by lo-fi figureheads like Beck, Pavement, and Smog, along with a love for classics like Petty, Creedence, and Neil Young, Kurt Vile recorded his first songs and self-distributed them on CD-R between 2003 and 2007. These were compiled on 2008’s Constant Hitmaker and the 2009 mini-album God Is Saying This To You… The dreamy and psychedelic tangles of damaged but still-lyrical songcraft announced a major new artist wandering in from the hinterlands.

Kurt Vile – Never Run Away on YouTube

The Violators debuted on the 2009 EP The Hunchback, coming into their own on Childish Prodigy, Vile’s third album and his first for Matador. More violent, more vivid, more ecstatically ‘rock’ than anything in Vile’s catalogue, the album was a righteous leap forward. The album that followed, the breakthrough Smoke Ring For My Halo, was more reflective, something sun-dappled and sexy in softly strung-out strums like “Peeping Tomboy,” the kindred flipside to barnstormers like “Freak Train” off the previous record. His fifth album, Wakin On A Pretty Daze, was a 69-minute double LP that alternated between gorgeous fingerpicking and heavy guitar workouts into dreamy, expansive songs that gradually unfurl like a massive flag. Kurt Vile’s next LP, b’lieve i’m goin down, will be out in late 2015.

Waxahatchee is the creative output of Katie Crutchfield, a 26 year old from Alabama. Kate has been in a couple of bands before (some with her twin sister, Allison) but it’s only really with Waxahatchee that things seem to have really come together – and they’ve come together really very quickly.Her debut under this latest moniker came in 2012. Recorded in her bedroom, American Weekend came out through Don Giovanni Records and garnered some critical acclaim – New York Times and Dusted magazine put it on their end of year lists.

Waxahatchee – Under a Rock on YouTube

Her sophomore effort, Cerulean Salt, earned Crutchfield the wider audience that her talents so richly deserved. The sleeper hit of the 2014, the LP’s anger and passion earned fans at Pitchfork (8.4, best new music), NME (8/10), Q (4/5), The Observer (album of the week), and Dazed & Confused (album of the month). Waxahatchee’s latest album, the more mature and considered Ivy Tripp, was put out earlier this year – Katie described the record as “[being like] steadying yourself on shaky ground and reminding yourself that you have control in situations that seem overwhelming”. The 405 were among the many to fall in love with the record, noting in their 9/10 review that Ivy Tripp confirms that “[Crutchfield is] already making her mark as one of America’s premier songwriters and she shows no signs of stopping”.

Tickets on sale Thursday, 9am.

Mac DeMarco | Albert Hall, Beacons Metro | Saturday 12 September


In the first of two Now Wave shows as part of Beacons Metro series (which sees the much-loved festival put on unique shows across the country), we are proud to be able to welcome long-time favourite Mac DeMarco back to Manchester for a special show at Albert Hall.

Mac DeMarco – KEXP performance on YouTube

Having found early cult success with his project Makeout Videotape in 2009, two years later Mac DeMarco was struggling to get by. Giving his body to medical science experiments in exchange for money and working as part of a road paving crew, he started putting out music under his own name. A dreamy yet lucid take on the best bits of a whole host on genres – psyche, grunge and even surf are all layered in there somewhere – DeMarco’s new project soon found a fitting home with seminal indie label Captured Tracks, which has remained his home ever since.

Mac DeMarco – The Way You’d Love Her on YouTube

A singular talent, critics have consistently lauded DeMarco’s work, while still struggling to unwrap his enigmatic and unique talent. Pitchfork noted, in their review of his sophomore LP 2, “[Mac DeMarco] writes about life–both the heavy moments and the mundane ones–with economy and… grace”, while NME have previously commented “[DeMarco’s songs are] lyrically witty, full of neat turns of phrase, [they] recall the quirks and kinks of Jonathan Richman, the tale-telling and wit of Alex Turner (specifically the Arctics man’s gentle, romantic work on the Submarine soundtrack), and the playful verbosity of Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus”.

Mac DeMarco – Pepperoni Playboy (Pitchfork Documentary) on YouTube

On record, Mac has earned a reputation as being both extremely accomplished and wildly experimental. These are both qualities that feature heavily in his live shows, with the addition of his unusual stage presence. In one review of a recent London show, The Guardian wrote, “Mac treats his gigs more like a spring break keg party… cracking beers with his teeth, enacting bi-curious dares with his joke-reciting bassist… things get loose and lascivious”.

Tickets on sale Friday, 9am via See Tickets.

Full line-up details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

About Beacons Metro

Having hosted a number of groundbreaking festivals in the Yorkshire Dales, for 2015 the Beacons team have decided to launch Metro. Built around a 12 week programme of events in a previously unused space in the centre of Leeds, Beacons Metro will also encompass unique shows in both Manchester and Liverpool.

The 405 last year described Beacons as “[being] organised and run by a taut team of musos, artists and general creative types, [Beacons] always impresses with its line-up… the Beacons’ collective cherry-plucks each act with care… [Beacons showcases] a blinding roster of visual treats, filmic goodness, wondrous theatre, art, food, drink, sculpture, dance and, of course, music”.


Ought | Deaf Institute | Wednesday 2 September


Ought aren’t much like other bands. Their first show was in the same bedroom that their debut EP was recorded in – a bedroom that existed in a shared band practice space where they were living while working out their early material. Forged out of the famously creative Montreal scene, the four-piece came together from across the globe to become one of the most intense and exciting live acts around. After self releasing New Calm in 2012, they were quickly signed up by seminal imprint Constellation Records, who put out their groundbreaking LP More Than Any Other Day and follow-up accompaniment Once More With Feeling.

Ought – Today More Than Any Other Day on YouTube

Critics fell for More Than Any Other Day quickly – Drowned In Sound perhaps described it best in their 9/10 review when they said “[the album is] steeped in the postpunk aesthetic, a well-established rock style that nonetheless remains richer and deeper than any other in formal possibilities, this is a deceptively complex record that conflates doubt and optimism while at surface remaining aggressively articulate”. Featuring on countless end of year lists, it was in turn called “the most refreshing and inspiring rock records of the year” (Exclaim, 9/10), “amongst the most bracing sounds anyone can encounter in 2014” (Clash, 9/10) and “By turns impassioned, thoughtful and thrilling… a standout debut” (Q Magazine, 8/10).

Tickets are £12 and can be bought through See Tickets.