Speedy Ortiz | Sound Control | Friday 16 October


Starting out as a lo-fi side project to distract singer Sadie Dupuis from her poetry masters (culminating in an early album, The Death of….), Speedy Ortiz has since transformed into something much grander. Working with the likes of producers Paul Q (Pixies, Hole) and Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr.), the band self-released the single Taylor Swift/Swim Fan in March 2012, before putting out the brilliantly experimental 10”, Sports EP, that June. The band (now consisting of Dupuis and friends Darl Ferm, Matt Robidoux and Mike Falcone) take the kind of hooks and melodies The Bangles used to put out and mix it with noise, fuzz and a whole host of out-there influences.

Speedy Ortiz – Raising the Skate on YouTube

The band released Major Arcana in 2013 (their first LP as a full band), garnering the kind of recognition that had long since been earned on the underground scene in Boston where they honed their craft. Drowned in Sound (8/10) called it “a mournful treasure that asks to be celebrated”, the NME (9/10) claimed the album “addictive and fun”, while Under the Radar (8/10) were inspired to note “[Speedy Ortiz] take the most captivating musical elements of their forbears and push them to glorious new heights” – Pitchfork (8.4/10), The A.V. Club (91%) and CMJ (8/10) were among the many others to fall for the records charms.

Speedy Ortiz – Tiger Tank on YouTube

Following up such an exalted record is no easy feat – but it is something that Speedy Ortiz seem to have taken in their stride. Due later this year, Foil Deer looks to expand the band’s cult following with craft and guile. Early reviews have been gushing, with Consequence of Sound noting “[Speedy Ortiz] walk along intersections effortlessly: now and then, power and fragility, intricate poetry and direct prose, pain and pleasure. Foil Deer does this as well as their excellent debut, but also takes some risks in its growth”, awarding 8.3/10 – something backed up by Uncut (“Foil Deer is catchy, exhilarating and smart”, 8/10) & Alternative Press (“a meticulous collection which deconstructs convention”, 8/10)

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Spring King added to Mac DeMarco Beacons Metro show | Albert Hall | Saturday 12 September


Unfortunately due to European festival commitments Dinner are not able to play with Mac Demarco but we’re delighted to announce Spring King will be joining the bill.

Spring King released their first EP, Demons, last year and quickly earned the attention of tastemakers across the globe. Their follow-up, They’re Coming After You!, has earned them the much wider audience that their beefed-up lo-fi richly deserves. As well as being vaunted by NME as one of the most exciting releases of 2015, they’ve been in prominent rotation on Apple Music’s new Beat One radio station.

Spring King – City on YouTube

Spring King will be joined by The Big Moon (“London’s coolest new guitar-wielding girl gang” – Vice) and Horsebeach (One of Piccadilly Records 2014 albums of the year, among many other plaudits) in support of Mac DeMarco.

Tickets are £25 and can be bought from See Tickets.

LA Priest | Soup Kitchen | Saturday 14 November

La Priest

Having already lived out one career as the front man of Late Of The Pier, Sam Dust took some time out before finally returning to music – but it has been well worth the wait. Working under the name LA Priest, Dust put out his his first couple of tracks a couple of months ago and instantly showed his unique ear for innovation and invention. Audaciously imaginative, the LA Priest project was immediately snapped up by Domino – who put out the debut album Inji earlier this year.

LA Priest – Learning to Love on YouTube

Judging by the critical reception to the LP, it looks set to sit atop many record of the year polls come December. Jumping from the self-styled space-age rock of single Oino through to the digi-dub of Dust and reaching every eclectic touchstone in between, The Guardian perhaps captured it best when they noted “[La Priest’s] approach to synthpop, funk and electronica feels unbridled and explorative” (8/10). NME (“One of the debuts of the year”, 9/10), Best Fit (“His finest material”, 9/10) and Mojo (“Great fun”, 8/10) were among the many publications to fall for Inji’s singular charms. This will be LA Priest’s first Manchester show.

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