Killer Mike | The Roadhouse | Monday 11th February

Atlanta Hip Hop legend Killer Mike’s latest album R.A.P Music (produced by by El-P) has been a constant on our turntable since it’s release last year so it is with great pleasure that we announce that he will play for Now Wave at The Roadhouse on Monday 11th February. Check out the video for the politically charged Reagan below.

Killer Mike – Reagan (Official Video)

A renowned stronghold for his city and a key player in Atlanta’s hip hop scene Killer Mike’s initial recorded appearance was on Outkast’s debut album ‘Stankonia’ in 2001. Since then he has continued to not only produce great records of his own but to collaborate with with an impressive list of his contemporaries from Jay Z to T.I to Wu Tang’s very own GZA. It’s also worth noting that the man owns a string of Barbershop’s throughout Atlanta and intends on creating a fair, positive and sustainable workplace for the young people within the community…. ledge.

Tickets are £8.50 and are available from


Preview: Matthew Dear, The Deaf Institute

On 2 December Now Wave will team up with Hear Here to play host to one of electronic music’s most illustrious figures Matthew Dear who since his debut album Leave Luck to Heaven (2003) – an animated fusion of avant-garde guitar pop, P-funk, and minimal-techno, has continued to collect praise and provide influence to a generation of succeeding artists including Grimes and Hot Chip.

Dear’s latest album ‘Beams’ is another welcome addition to his catalogue and sees him continuing to progress many of the sonic themes that have been prominent throughout his past music – lush synthesizers are aplenty, staccato guitars eflortlessly shimmy over slippery George Clinton-esque bass grooves and are padlocked down to a tight, steady disco groove. A master of utilising grinding repetition Dear lays hypnotic-groove foundations allowing for his wandering, pitched down vocal style to build tension, create hooks, and simultaneously give a sense of something otherworldly. Tracks are jam-packed with subtle nuances and idiosyncrasies which make for unique and sophistatcted headphone listening yet the songs never lose the direct immediacy required for taking hold of a darkened 1am dance-floor – a combination which at its best is irresistible.

As well as being an accomplished artist in his own right through his imprint Ghostly International, Dear has handcrafted a diverse label home to a selection of acclaimed artists including Aeroc, Dabyre, Shigeto, Com Truise, and Gold Panda. This eclectic selection of bands and producers all sonically different from one another yet each embedded in the principle idea of exploring modernity and experimentalism to create something original and accessible, only go to strengthen the vivacity of Matthew Dear’s prominently realised vision and further solidify his place as one of the last decade’s most under-rated artists.

Matthew Dear plays The Deaf Institute on 2 December. Buy tickets here.

Preview: Lunice and Koreless, Factory 251

Fresh off the back of our last joint-event with James Blake and Trim, Monday 12th November will see Now Wave team-up once again with Manchester’s finest purveyors of all things bass Hit ‘n’ Run to present one of the most highly anticipated club events of the winter with a bill that boasts two of the most exciting names in electronic-music today.

Topping the bill is Mad Decent stalwart and LuckyMe favourite Lunice who joins us fresh from his globe straddling tour collaborating with Hudson Mohawke as TNGHT – an act who anybody fortunate enough to catch one of their few UK shows will lay testament to as living up to every bit of hype. A true 21st Century B-boy Lunice offers an exciting and fresh take on the charismatic hype-man role, a seemingly effortless crowd pleaser, Lunice’s production and DJ skills have continued to wow dance-floors since his emergence in 2010.

Also co-headlining the bill is Glasgow’s Korless, whose clinical and serene beats have become an undoubted signature sound of 2012. A bastion of modernity and yet footed within the textural sonic landscapes of the ambient leanings of kraut-rock Koreles twists the blanket, cavernous sounds of Cluster and Brian Eno and blends them with precise two-step minimal percussion to create a sound that is both original and breathtaking. Over the last year Koreless has continued to gain fans worldwide remixing for the likes of Bloc Party and Ghostpoet, and his single Lost in Tokyo released through Jacques Greene’s VASE imprint is looking like a very strong contender for Now Wave’s single of the year. It is with real anticipation that we await his return to Manchester.

Joining our two headliners on the night will be some of Manchester finest resident DJ’s including Rich Reason, Johnny Dub, Now Wave DJ’s, The Countach, and more.

Now Wave vs Hit ‘n’ Run takes place 11pm-4am, Monday 12th November at FACTORY 251. Tickets are flying out for this one; get yours here.

Preview: Death Grips, Sound Control

In an age where the trajectory of most artists sees them lay abandon to their early ideals and find peace in conforming with the ever-more corporate structure of ‘alternative music’  Death Grips, a band almost inconceivable in attitude, style and form, offer music fans a sense of rebellion many consider unrivaled in the modern era. This is a band of alienated provocateurs possessed, paranoid and schizophrenic, they are the over-exposed insomniacs totally-wired on hydroponic skunk and shady internet porn. To them our opinion is increasingly irrelevant, which for many of their for their fans only seems to deepen the enticement.

There is no doubt that in the live arena Death Grips are one of the most sonically and visually arresting bands on the road today, vivid, aggressive and passionate, they are a sensory explosion – all ribcage rattling bass and pupil-dilating visuals not to mention a front man that recalls Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Iggy Pop at their most debauched. This is a band taking ever increasing risks baiting their audience and their label to brawl with them through random acts of irrational dis-functionality by canceling tours, releasing two albums in a year and covering their most recent LP with a candid shot of an erect penis. Whether Death Grips will implode in on itself or whether their plot-line will continue to thicken is very much undecided, but the recent lyrics of front-man MC RIDE seem to encapsulate their nihilistic sense of fate perfectly, ‘Its all suicide to me’.  If they’re going down it’ll be in a roaring blaze…

Don’t dare to miss Death Grips’ Now Wave show at Sound Control on Tuesday 6th November. Tickets are available from See Tickets.

Preview: Savages, Gorilla

‘With an awesome air of imposition a monochrome sky hovers above us and for a moment the tension is steadied as lone motorik-bass rattles the earth. The drums increasingly conflicting, both tribal and mechanical, begin building to a crescendo peaking as golden shreds of visceral guitar crackle and illuminate the air. Lightning strikes and the estro-phsycotic primal screams of the bands leader Camille Berthomier, a wide-eyed sorceress, are summoned from the pit of her very being and the shrill tears through the crowd like a murderess possessed. She girates, twitches and they follow her in chorus ‘Husbands, Husbands, Husbands,’.  Those in attendace are united by hypnotic witchcraft and we swell as one – transfixed by the ascending chaos in the midst of a perfect storm, paradoxically ambiguous and as direct as a battering-ram.  Seemingly in the blink of an eye the spell is cast, ear-blistering feedback pours down,  the clouds part and the monochrome sky fades to black.’  Savages  for Now Wave at the Sways Bunker – May 2012

For those who witnessed Savages’ spellbinding debut Manchester show at The Sways Bunker or their later show at The Deaf Institute earlier this year it will have come as no surprise that the band’s live performances have now reached almost almost-mythical status. Their debut single  ‘Husband’s’ has continued to gather critical acclaim and with a BBC Jools Holland performance praised as a seasonal highlight their upcoming show at Gorilla will be a crowning moment for the band and the gig of 2012 for their ever increasing army of followers. Be sure not to miss it.

Tickets for Savages at Gorilla are available from See Tickets.