Grimes | Academy | Saturday 12 March


Three years after the release of her iconic breakthrough LP Visions, Clare Boucher – better known as Grimes – is back. A creative polyglot, Boucher had long been a darling of the underground scene with her two early releases, Geidi Primes and Halifaxa, but Boucher is now a bonafide international star, counting Jay-Z, Beyonce and Rihanna among her many fans.

Grimes – Oblivion on YouTube

Raised in Vancouver, it was a move to Montreal for university that gave birth to the Grimes project. Embedding herself in the singularly eclectic scene in the area (which has also given rise to Blue Hawaii, Majical Clouds and Purity Ring), Boucher claims that a realisation at the age of 20 helped her become a musician – she told The Guardian, “One day, I was listening to music and it suddenly made sense to me how it was constructed”. Her cited influences mirror this typically unique upbringing and approach to songcraft, with K-Pop, Enya, Drake, Aphex Twin and Dizzee Rascal being among the many picked out by Boucher as having shaped and tinged her sound.

Grimes – Go (ft. Blood Diamonds) on YouTube

Among the swathes of gushing reviews for Visions, it was perhaps Pitchfork who put it best in their 8.5/10 review that “Anchored to the digital imagination but unbridled from its skittish anxiety and concerns,Visions gestures skyward and beyond”. As well as featuring on countless end of year lists, single Oblivion was named as the best track of the decade so far by Pitchfork and as one of the 500 greatest songs of all time by NME. Her new album is expected shortly.

Grimes – Genesis on YouTube

Support for this individually immersive live performance will be provided by HANA.

Tickets will be available from 9am on Friday 9th October through See Tickets.

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