Merchandise | Deaf Institute | Thursday 22 August

Despite the glut of fawning over them only starting recently, Merchandise have been around for a good few years now. Taking time to develop their sound – their first documented release was in 2009 – the band have got weirder and more brilliant with age, building up to the great anti-pop dissonance of their latest two releases, Children of Desire and Totale Nite.

Merchandise – Become What You Are via Youtube

Borne out of the hardcore scene, their work is filled with the emotion associated with punk, but expressed with a richness and emotional complexity, all luscious, expansive soundscapes and deep sonic texture. Pitchfork have repeatedly given them best new track and best new music, NME Radar can’t stop going on about them and new blog posts pour in every day of someone else falling in love with their favourite new band. Most of their music is available to download for free from their website – though the links keep breaking, as mediafire thinks that anything getting that amount of traffic must be illegal. This is their first ever Manchester show.

Tickets cost £8 and are available from

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